Rellenong Alimasag (Stuffed Crabs)

Rellenong Alimasag (Stuffed Crabs)

Rellenong Alimasag or Stuffed Crabs is a Filipino dish that is made out of crab meat and vegetables stuffed in crab casing. The word relleno is a cooking method that the Filipinos had inherited from the Spanish, and it is a way of stuffing different meats and vegetables into food items like chicken, squid, crab or even fish. This cooking method is also popular during festive events as preparation can be so intricate and ingredients can be sometimes lavish.

For today’s post it will be nothing as complex like stuffed fish or chicken but it will be a simple stuffed crab. Its stuffing is way much different from the others as it will not be placed in a fully enclosed cavity but rather than a shallow pocket of the crabs shell so eggs are used to keep everything together intact. A really fancy looking dish that does not take much time preparing especially if you used the supermarket brought crab meat then you don’t have to do the dirty work, just cook it and enjoy.


6 pcs crab shells
250g crab meat
1 large tomato, finely chopped
1/2 carrot, finely chopped
1 medium potato, boiled and mashed
2 eggs, beaten
2 tbsp chopped parsley
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 shallot, finely chopped
freshly ground black pepper


1. In a pan add a small amount of oil then sauté garlic and shallots.
2. Add carrots and stir fry for a minute. Remove everything from the pan then set aside.
3. In a bowl mix together crab meat, potatoes, tomatoes, sautéed carrots, parsley and eggs. Season with salt and pepper.
4. Stuff the crab shells with the crab meat mixture, and then set aside.
5. In a wok add oil; bring heat to medium high then deep fry stuffed crabs for 2-3 minutes.

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26 thoughts on “Rellenong Alimasag (Stuffed Crabs)

  1. i have seen ready made crab meat in supermarkets before, but i dont think i have seen empty shell crabs being sold ard here. but what a great idea to stuff crab meat back into crab shells tho! Pretty!

  2. These look fabulous, and not terribly hard to make–a perfect combination!! I will definitely keep this recipe handy. Thanks for yet another great idea for a way to fix crab, one of my big favorites.

  3. Oh those look amazing. I actually don’t like crab that much (I’m weird I know) but my family would go crazy for them.

    I’ll have to make a few the next time I invite them over for dinner and really wow them :)

  4. I love crabs! My grandpa was a waterman so we had them often. Stuffed crab shells- we called them deviled crabs- were always a favorite. :) Yours look very tasty! ;)

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