Mais Con Yelo

Mais Con Yelo

Mais Con Yelo or Maíz con hielo means corn with ice in Spanish. It is another popular drink dessert in the Philippines made out of shaved ice, corn kernels, sugar and milk. Similar to halo halo but way much easier to prepare as it contains less ingredients and preparation is cloese to none, a very good way of cooling down during a hot summer day.


Cooked sweet corn kernels
Frozen Milk, shaved (I used the same shaving process I did with Halo Halo)
Vanilla Ice Cream


1. Place 1 tbsp sugar and corn in a tall glass (up to 1/3 of the height of the glass).
2. Add shaved frozen milk.
3. Top with vanilla ice cream and corn kernels.

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14 thoughts on “Mais Con Yelo

  1. Interesting! And oh how I wish it was a hot summer day. ;) I think my daughter would really enjoy this. She’s been known to eat frozen corn kernels straight from the freezer. ;)

  2. Hi Raymund! I hope you had a nice Christmas with your family. I’m just stopping by to wish you Happy New Year. I checked all the posts that I’ve missed till now. It’s amazing you can post almost everyday. You work full-time and cook, and blog. I am always impressed and you keep motivating me! I’ll look forward to your posts in 2012. It was great meeting you this year and hope to learn more Filipino (and other) cooking from you next year. :-)

  3. This is new to me but I think now with all the bubble tea outlets opened in Malaysia, you can sort of find the same though I have not ventured into that.
    Makes a refreshing and soothing to the throat drink and yes, why not as desserts too?

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