Halabos na Hipon

Halabos na Hipon

This dish reminds me of family beach summers in the Philippines where it is customary to bring and cook your own food as resort restaurants tend to be expensive specially when there are a lot of you in the family dining in together. Halabos na Hipon and grilled fish are some examples of the dishes served commonly during summer beach outings / picnics as you can enjoy them fresh, cheap and preparation is close to none. Now I say fresh because every morning the common scene in beach resorts are fishermen who just landed on the shore after an overnight fishing unloading their freshest catch, so if you are having a morning walk you will definitely not miss this out as lots of them show up at around 8AM. Now it is cheap since this came from the fishermen and not from the market, a lot of times you can even bargain further specially if you buy lots of them. Finally the preparation is so easy as all you need is to borrow a wok from the cottage caretakers, the ingredients are as simple as a fizzy lemon drink such as 7-up or Sprite, salt, pepper, garlic and fresh shrimps, put the wok on top of a charcoal barbecue and your good to go! Enjoy it with green mango salad or salted eggs and tomato salad and eat it with your hands using banana leaf as your plate.


700g fresh shrimps or prawns
1/2 can lemon soda (7-Up or Sprite)
1 head garlic, minced


1. Heat a wok on high heat then and add oil.
2. Sauté garlic then add shrimps. Give it a quick stir don’t cook it yet.
3. Add soda; bring it to a boil until it is reduced. Make sure you are in high heat to reduce the liquid faster, if you do this in low heat the shrimps might overcook and the shrimp shell will stick on the meat making it hard to eat.
4. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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22 thoughts on “Halabos na Hipon

  1. I am a huge fan of shrimp and this recipe sounds fabulous. The peels and heads on my freak me out a bit though. Well, maybe for a minute or two anyway. ;)

  2. Another interesting recipe I’ve seen in the last week or so using lemonade! I love prawns cooked in salted water – you can taste the sea then, but this soulds good too as honey prawns are my other favourites and these seem to be nice and sweet.

  3. I love how this dish takes really common ingredients and makes them into something completely original and unexpected — I can totally see this is good cookout food!

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