Beef and Bacon Casserole

You can cook a beef casserole in many ways but nothing beats a simple classic such as beef and bacon casserole, I guess you can’t go wrong on this one. Several months ago we dined in a buffet restaurant called Fortuna located in Sky City Auckland, I was surprised as it looks so much different compared to the last time we were there which was more than 2 years ago. Its cleaner, it looks new, it looks like an expensive restaurant and the ambiance way much better, I noticed the dishes changed as well and some of the dishes that strike out were their Beef and Bacon Casserole and their Chicken Rendang which was phenomenal. Because of that I listed it down on my to do list, that’s what I usually do when we dine out, check the menu of what I haven’t made yet and cook it at home, this is nothing different. So several months later here it is a recipe that was inspired from the one I tried.

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1 kg beef chuck steak, cubed
6 pcs bacon rashers, chopped
2 pcs carrots, sliced
4 large tomatoes, chopped
1 large onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 tbsp flour
2 cups red wine
2 cups beef stock
2 tbsp tomato paste
chopped parsley
olive oil
freshly ground black pepper


1. In a pan add oil then cook bacon until brown and crispy, remove from pan then set aside
2. Add garlic and onion then cook until onions are soft, remove onions and garlic mixture from pan then set aside.
3. Now add the beef in the pan then brown on all sides, once evenly sprinkle the flour over the beef and cook for 1 more minute. Remove beef then set it aside. Note do not overcrowd the pan, if needed you can do it first with half the amount of beef then do this step twice.
4. Pour 1 cup of wine into the pan and bring it to a boil to deglaze. Return the beef, bacon, onion mixture to then pan.
5. Add the stock, remaining wine, tomatoes, carrots and tomato paste. Bring it to a boil then transfer it into a casserole.
6. Bake in a 160C preheated oven for 2 hours. Remove from oven then season with salt and freshly ground black pepper, garnish with chopped parsley then serve.

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26 thoughts on “Beef and Bacon Casserole

  1. Found your blog through a few other bloggers and I am glad I did. I am a big beef person and I have not yet had a bacon dish that’s not delicious so your classic beef and bacon casserole is extra yummy to my taste buds! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  2. I am fixing dinner for 18 Thursday night and this will be perfect. With the addition of rice, a small salad and french bread I will have 18 happy guest. Thank you for this awesome dish!

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