Melon Juice


When one of my friends went back to the Philippines I had asked him to buy several items for me, regular Philippine kitchen items which I cannot find here in New Zealand. One of the items is called buko / melon scraper which basically is a tool to scrape fruit meat into long rounded strands. Since then I haven’t used them as it was given to me during the winter season which means melons (cantaloupes) and buko (coconuts) are commercially unavailable but now its summer so we have lots of them.

Today we will be making some Melon Juice or Cantaloupe Juice; it is a type of Filipino refreshment where it is made out of shredded Melon, Water, Sugar, Milk and Ice. It is a popular street drink where you can see it everywhere usually served in small drinking plastic bags with straws sold alongside with buko juice and sago gulaman. A very easy drink to make, definitely it would quench your thirst especially during the hot summer days.


1 medium sized melon/cantaloupe
1.5 litres water
1 large can evaporated milk (Optional)
sugar (according to desired sweetness, Filipinos love it sweet)
ice cubes


1. Cut melon in half; remove the middle part with seeds.
2. Scrape melon meat and place it in a large pitcher.
3. Pour in the water and evaporated milk.
4. Stir in sugar and ice.

You can omit the evaporated milk and replace it with same amount of water, some serve it without milk.
If using milk you need to consume it immediately as it will turn bitter due to their proteolytic enzyme which breaks down the milk proteins, this happens occasionally I am not sure why but most probably the content of enzymes varies between different melons.

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16 thoughts on “Melon Juice

  1. This is perfect for hot weather! When I was living in the Philippines, my grandma used to make this for me with lots of ice cubes! I haven’t had this drink in over 15 years, since I moved to Canada! You are right! It’s hard to find that scraper here!

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