Grilled Vegetable Salad

At last summer is here and everyone is up to speed with their barbecue lunch and dinner with friends and families. So if barbecue is served definitely salad is a must as it is the perfect match for that good piece of meat, hence we will be featuring salad recipes throughout this week and let’s start with something we can cook together with the barbecue, the Grilled Vegetable Salad. A very filling salad compared to most salads but definitely tastier as well since the grilling process enhances the flavour of the vegetables and brings out its natural oils. Like any salad there are a lot of variations of this dish but one thing remains the same, it is made out of grilled vegetables tossed in vinaigrette topped with crumbed cheese and here is my version.


2 medium courgettes, sliced thinly lengthwise
1/2 small yellow squash, sliced thinly lengthwise
1 bunch asparagus, trimmed
6-8 pcs small Portobello mushrooms
1 red capsicum, sliced
1 yellow capsicum, sliced
2 tbsp chopped fresh basil
4 tbsp crumbled feta cheese
olive oil
vinaigrette dressing


1. Toss sliced vegetables in a small amount of olive oil.
2. Place courgettes, squash, asparagus, mushrooms and capsicum on a grill then cook for 4 minutes on each side.
3. Once cooked cut vegetables into bite sized pieces.
4. Place grilled vegetables in a salad bowl together with basil and vinaigrette then gently toss.
5. Sprinkle with feta cheese then serve.

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15 thoughts on “Grilled Vegetable Salad

  1. A warm comforting salad. I love to grill out all year around so this one is a winner for our family. May I ask what is the picture of the orange vegetable or food item in your picture background? That looks really good too!

  2. I love grilled salads! What wonderful ingredients in this one! It’s been so warm here, we might be starting up the grill again. It’s crazy!

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