Side Salad with Pita Crisp

Garden salad, green salad or tossed salad is a salad consisting mainly of fresh vegetables having lettuce or mesclun as its base served with dressing such as vinaigrette, Ranch, Italian dressing, Thousand Island or blue cheese dressing. Usually served in large portions topped with additional meat or seafood and consumed as a main course, smaller portions are called side salad.

I remember this salad very well when I was in High School when Wendy’s offer it in their fast food chains in the Philippines. The salad and bottomless ice tea was a good combo, I still remember that salad bar where you pay only around Php 100 for everything and you can put in your plate. Initially the plate was huge but people started to learn how to stack that salad properly to achieve a nice height so plates started to reduce in size until it became a size of a saucer. These salad stacker experts made it so high and neatly stacked it can feed 3 or more high school kids, I even saw people stacking it as high as 1 foot. Anyways in memory of that here I am making my own at home but instead of the normal croutons which I don’t have I used pita crisps.


Chopped iceberg lettuce
Sliced tomatoes
Steamed Corn kernels
Grated cheddar cheese
Hard Boiled Eggs, quartered
Pita crisps (made from leftover seasoned flour tortillas baked until crispy)
Thousand Island Dressing


1. Toss all salad ingredients together in a salad bowl.
2. Serve with thousand island dressing.

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9 thoughts on “Side Salad with Pita Crisp

  1. Lovely salad: the pita makes it more Middle-Eastern and filling: but iceberg does not see the light of day in this house :D !

  2. One foot?! That’s crazy! :D I love seeing all these salad recipes on your blog – sorry I’ve been MIA lately… very very busy with holiday and kids. Hope you are enjoying warm weather and nice light meal like this while we’re getting fat… ;)

  3. I find myself craving salads – great mix between the corn, cheese, tomatoes and eggs. Last time we were in Mexico it’s not exactly safe to eat food that hasn’t been cooked (at least for Northern American stomachs) and last time I was there I craved a fresh salad so badly but couldn’t eat it (funnily enough I don’t have this problem in the Philippines).

    I would have loved to have seen someone stack a salad a foot tall!

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