Pancit Luglug

Pancit Luglug

Pancit Luglug the very saucy version of the Pancit Palabok and Pancit Malabon, similar to both this is also a noodle dish served with an array of seafood garnish, spring onions, hard boiled eggs in thick rice noodles. Usually served on deep bowls due to its saucy nature, I am not sure though if the sauce defines it as pancit luglug but that was my observation when these three noodle dishes are compared.

I have posted already the Pancit Palabok and Pancit Malabon and if you look closely the ingredients and methods are nearly similar because they really are, it just differs in noodles used as well as how the sauce is served, Luglug sauce also should be lighter in taste as it uses more of it compared to the others.

Ingredients (Pancit Luglug Noodles)

500g thick rice noodles

Ingredients (Pancit Luglug Sauce)
Note: If you don’t want to make your own sauce there are available ready mix sauces from Mama Sitas, disregard steps 3 to 6

150g crab meat
150g crab fat
1/2 cup Smoked fish, flaked
3 tbsp annatto powder
fish sauce
4 tbsp cornstarch
4-5 cups of water
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 red onion, minced

Ingredients (Pancit Luglug Toppings)
adjust amount to your hears desire

Shrimps, with skin on
Squid, sliced into rings
Mussels, with shell on
Pork crackling (chicharon), crushed
Spring onions, chopped
Hard boiled eggs, sliced
Fried garlic
Lemon, sliced


1. On a pot boil water and place rice noodles and cook according to packet instructions.
2. Once noodle is cooked, drain and then set aside.
3. Boil shrimps, mussels and squid in the 2 cups of water for sauce. Once cooked drain keeping the liquid, set the seafood aside.
4. Shell the shrimps and reserve it. Pound the shells with a mortar and pestle to extract the juice, place pounded shells and its liquid in a muslin cloth or fine sieve over a container. Run the water used for boiling on the pounded shells and drain it in a container. Set the liquid aside.
5. Shell the mussels and set it aside.
6. On a blender mix crab meat, crab fat, water used for boiling, annatto powder and fish sauce, blend in low speed for a minute. Remove from blender then set aside.
7. On a pan, add oil and sauté garlic and onion.
8. Add the blended crab meat mixture and flaked smoked fish.
9. On a separate container mix cornstarch with a small amount of water, dilute it until it’s free of lumps then add it to the pan.
10. Bring sauce to a boil and simmer until sauce thickens, add water if sauce becomes too thick. Turn off the heat.
11. Place a good amount of sauce in a deep bowl, place noodles on top then garnish with cooked seafood, Pork crackling, Spring onions, eggs and fried garlic.
12. Squeeze lemon to top.

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16 thoughts on “Pancit Luglug

  1. Love Asian noodle dishes but have to admit to virtual ignorance here :) ! Very interesting! And more ignorance: what is crab fat? II’ll probably laugh when you tell me . . . but?

  2. Oohh pancit palabok came straight to my mind as soon as I saw this! I bet it tastes hust as delicious! So when are you gonna open a restaurant? ;) I’d be sure to visit!!

  3. Hi, I have a question not relating to this dish (just posting it here because it is your last post and you will see it). I don’t now much about Pilipino cuisine and I wanted to know if there is a Pilipino vegetarian main (main, not side vegetable) or something that cold be easily vegetarianized (i.e. using tofu, beans etc. instead of meat)? Also (sorry another question!) do you ever make the pastries called capuchinos (I think that this is the right spelling?). Is so how do you make the syrup?


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