Ham and Cheese Bread Rolls

Ham and Cheese Bread Rolls

My wife loves making these when we were younger but since then she never makes it anymore until one day several weeks ago she called me to have merienda. That day I was working on building a retaining wall in our backyard and was so tired but when she told me there was Ham and Cheese Bread Rolls I feel like I regained my strength just from hearing about it. I immediately went back inside and indulge in this treat while it’s still hot (yes before that I took pictures), hungry as I am I think I ate five or six of these together with a big glass of ice cold coke. Now I have the energy again to finish the job!


8 pcs sliced bread, edges trimmed
8 pcs champagne ham
8 cheddar cheese squares
2 eggs, beaten
2 cups bread crumbs


1. Flatten each piece of sliced bread, place ham and cheese on top then roll it tightly. Set aside seam side down to prevent it from opening. Do it with the remaining bread.
2. Place eggs in a shallow container.
3. Place bread crumbs in another shallow container.
4. Dip bread rolls in eggs then into the bread crumbs.
5. Add enough oil into a frying pan to cover surface then fry bread rolls seam down using medium heat. Once one side turns golden brown turn bread around and brown the current side. Once all sides are golden brown remove from pan and place in a paper towel lined plate to remove excess oil.
6. Slice diagonally in half, serve while hot.

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26 thoughts on “Ham and Cheese Bread Rolls

  1. Those are SO great. I first started making ham and cheese rissoles while I was at the Uni: I rented a room from a lady who made them to sell and she often offered me some. They were so great I started making them myself. I haven’t made them for a while though. Thank you for reminding me of this combination and for sharing your recipe.

  2. A beautifully simple recipe and definitely one for the ham & cheese lovers in one’s life (such as my sweetheart too!) I’ve never seen these before but if they have restorative strength as you say, then they must be great :)

  3. Very interesting! I will try these for my kids…I am sure they will love this. Such a novel and brilliant idea :)

  4. back in high school… we called this “sushi wong” and I think it is still called that way… incidentally, a character named “Suzie Wong” from the film, “The World of Suzie Wong (1957)” was I think the origin of the name of this dish… my friends in high school didnt know this movie existed… everytime i told them that this is where they got the name, they always say, “what? we didn’t know that movie!!!”… i’m such a fan of that movie and i think i’m the only one who knows it… hahaha!

  5. I remember I had this back in Japan! WOW such a nostalgic food!!! Perfect kids party finger food. I need to remember this.

  6. I’ve always cooked this for years now. Yes they call it monte cristo. I’ve known this recipe in Delmonte recipes which they call it Pizzarap coz after flattening the bread you spread pizza sauce, then put the ham and cheese, and roll up. Then dip in eggs and bread crumbs and fry. It’s great. My husband and kids loves it. Me too of course. Others who taste it thought it’s a chicken roll.

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