Mentatz Japanese Noodle Restaurant (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)


There are a lot of good places to eat in Auckland CBD and most of them are not the big establishments, in fact the small eateries are sometimes way much better and this is one example, a small restaurant tucked in Lorne St in the middle of Auckland CBD called Mentatz. The dishes are great and servings are huge, there is a good selection as well but not too much that will leave you confused on what to order. From sushi to donburi there is something for everyone.

When we visited the place it was lunch time, we were a bit early so it was still not packed with people and we have chosen a good seat. Once seated we were immediately given the menus and we already saw what we wanted it was the Mixed Don for me, Miso Kastudon for my wife and Ramen for my daughter, they are all priced reasonably and none exceeded $10.00.

Mentatz Mixed Don

They served the dishes nearly all at the same time still smoking hot, food lovers as we are we tried everyone’s dishes.  First one was the Mixed Don, it was topped generously with boiled egg, prawns, mussels, chicken, wood ear fungus, vegetables and kamaboko in a thick savoury gravy with strongly flavoured with sesame oil.  I love the flavours of this dish, specially that hot thick sauce over the steamed rice.

Mentatz Ramen

Next up was the Ramen, I cannot remember what exactly it is but it is topped with thinly sliced pork, egg, vegetables, wood ear fungus, vegetables and nori.  The texture of the noodles is great and soup was flavour packed best enjoyed when piping hot but when it turned cold after several minutes the saltiness becomes evident.

Mentatz Miso Katsudon

Lastly it was the Miso Kastudon, the pork was thick but properly cooked. It’s still juicy and tender unlike other kastudon which turns out really dry. The sauce was phenomenal, it’s sweet and fruity and it matches well with the savoury pork cutlet. There is some vegetable on the side as well. I loved this dish a lot and my wife loved my order so we swapped.

For less than $30.00 we are all satisfied and full, definitely I will have my lunch there again sometime soon.
Mentatz Japanese Noodle Restaurant
28 Lorne St., Auckland 1010
09-357 0960

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