Stir Fried Shanghai in Fermented Anchovy Sauce

Stir Fried Shanghai in Fermented Anchovy Sauce

Several weeks ago I was thinking of what I can do with some Shanghai vegetables I had in my fridge, usually we just blanch it and serve it with garlic infused oyster sauce but sometimes you want something different for a change. Before we had tried serving green leafy vegetables in minced pork and shiitake as well as in shrimp and mushroom sauce, they are both equally delicious but now we are doing something different again and here it is, Shanghai in fermented anchovy sauce.


4 bunch Shanghai vegetables, chopped
150g minced pork
2 tbsp bagoong monamon (fermented anchovy sauce) if you can’t find this one you can use salted anchovies in oil and puree it.
1 shallot
6 cloves garlic
freshly ground black pepper


1. In a wok add oil then sauté garlic and shallots.
2. Add minced pork and stir fry until cooked.
3. Add shanghai and bagoong monamon, stir fry until wilted while occasionally drizzling some water tablespoon at a time just to give moisture.
4. Season with freshly ground black pepper, then serve.

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8 thoughts on “Stir Fried Shanghai in Fermented Anchovy Sauce

  1. Wow! Now that has to be an intense flavor. I know Mike would love it. I’d probably stick to the garlic infused oyster sauce. That sounds heavenly to me. :)

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