Iskrambol or Ice Scramble is the Filipino version of Slushy made out of banana flavoured frozen condensed milk usually sold by street hawkers. During my childhood this was really popular and it was sold outside schools in big styroboxes, I still remember kids queuing for this one while the vendor scoops it out from the styro box, there was no slushy machine used and it was usually made in vendors homes using crushed ice mixed with milk and other flavourings. Some fancy version before tops it with some powdered milk and some with chocolate sauce but the modern day Iskrambol had changed a lot. The new age iskrambol is more hygienic as it is now sold in Malls with an array of toppings from pinipig to marshmallows.

Ingredients (Iskrambol)

1 can condensed milk
4 cups water (adjust to desired sweetness)
1 tsp banana essence
few drops pink food colour

Ingredients (Toppings)

Milk powder
Chocolate syrup


1. Using a big pitcher or bowl combine iskrambol ingredients together.
2. Place them in a container then freeze.
3. Once frozen using an ice shaver, shave ice and place in individual glasses.
4. Top with milk powder, chocolate syrup and marshmallows.

Iskrambol Wide

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31 thoughts on “Iskrambol

  1. It’s so my kind of drink….Everything made with condensed milk tastes better. In Brazil, a lot of desserts and drinks as well are made with condensed milk. What a great, refreshing drink, Raymund!

  2. Ice scramble – the title makes me think of frozen scrambled eggs a bit, but now I saw what it is all mental images have been dispelled! :D. That looks delicious – perfect to cool down on a hot day… love it :)

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