Bistek Tagalog

Bistek Tagalog

Bistek is a very popular Filipino dish, it is in fact considered as one of our national dishes. The name came from a Filipino slang word which was derived from the word “Beef Steak”, but this beef steak is cooked differently, meat is usually pan fried then cooked again by simmering it in a thick calamansi juice and soy sauce mixture. It is then garnished with raw or caramelized onion rings and fried potatoes. Though the name came from the dish Beef Steak the meat used is not restricted to beef, in fact pork is the popular choice considering the price difference between the two in my home country.


700g Pork Tenderloin sliced thinly
1 large potato, thinly sliced
2 large white onions, sliced to form onion rings
juice from 3 lemons
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup beef stock
1 cup water
1 tbsp cornstarch
freshly ground black pepper


1. Marinate pork in 1/3 of the lemon juice, pepper and salt. Marinate for at least 24 hr.
2. Deep fry potato slices until crispy, set aside
3. Drain pork in a colander and set aside, before frying make sure it’s in room temperature and thoroughly drained.
4. In a pan, heat oil and pan fry marinated pork.
5. Remove pork from pan then set aside, now using the same pan sauté onions do not overcook.
6. Mix together cornstarch, water, beef stock and soy sauce. Once free of lumps pour mixture in the pan then bring to a boil. Add water if you find it salty.
7. Once the sauce boils add remaining lemon juice (adjust to the sourness you want), season with salt and freshly ground pepper then turn off the heat. Set aside.
8. On a plate arrange pork then pour the sauce on top. Garnish with fresh onions and fried potatoes.

Bistek Tagalog Wide

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17 thoughts on “Bistek Tagalog

  1. We had similiar dish, it’s called bistik jawa or javanese beef steak…
    thew add some sweet soy sauce too to the sauce….
    a legacy from dutch colonisasion in in Indonesia,
    what a comfort beef meals…

  2. Looks very good. I do love this type of thick sauce. I’m thinking I’d go for the caramelized onions over the top and it would be a sure fire winner for me. :)

  3. I am amazed at the number of Filipino dishes – its never ending! Bistek sounds great. I do business in Bishkek – thats what came to mind when I saw the title! There beefsteak is minced patty!

  4. In Brazilian Portuguese there’s the term “bisteca” – I do not know whether the two are related (I mean, they seem to refer to the same thing, but I don’t know if they are full synonyms).
    I love beef or pork with caramelized onions. Yours with fresh ones looks delicious!

  5. Well, this looks awfully darn good! What a rich and delicious sauce that sounds like it goes GREAT with the pork. A very different meat and potato dish!

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