Roasted Bone Marrow

Roasted Bone Marrow

I think a lot of health buffs out there would be shouting at this very moment, I know a lot of people would say this is way too fatty food why do I make something like this. Well please listen to me first before judging as there are a lot of nutritional benefits on this humble beef bone.

Do you know bone marrow is a very nutritious food and it was even regarded as a health food during the Victorian era? It was also said that Queen Victoria who lived until the age of 81 was a roasted bone marrow addict and ate this every day. I think most people do associate this as being unhealthy because the mere sight it already shouts fat! Well that’s true but most of the fat (around 70%) in that marrow is unsaturated which helps reduce the cholesterol levels, lowers the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It also have a high iron and protein content, in saying that you also need to take into consideration that it has a high calorie content which means a 50g serving of this contains roughly around 500 calories so consider a rigorous exercise if you want to enjoy its benefits anyways anything in excess amount will be bad for you.

Having said all of that once in a while this won’t hurt even without a strenuous exercise, anyways if you haven’t tried this at all I suggest you do the best description I heard so far for this simple recipe is by Anthony Bourdain who calls it “God’s Butter”.


Beef bone marrow
Sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Chopped flat leaf parsley
Toasted Bread


1. Leave marrow on a covered container in room temperature before cooking.
2. Place bone marrow upright in a foil lined baking tray then roast at 230C for 15 to 20 minutes or until marrow is soft.
3. Place in a plate with a small teaspoon that can go inside the bone. Season with salt, pepper and garnish with chopped flat leaf parsley.
4. Spread on toasted bread like a butter.

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14 thoughts on “Roasted Bone Marrow

  1. I eat bone marrow once or twice a year, and I absolutely adore it! Creamy and delicious. I have never made it myself though, but your recipe is so simple, I might just have to try sometime!

  2. I had this recently at a restaurant and LOVED it! It was absolutely delicious – especially over the toast. Happy to hear it’s not all that bad. ;)

  3. I always thought that bone marrow can’t be good for you (but tastes delicious) – never thought it could actually be “healthy” ! Where do you get your bone marrow from – your butcher ? I have never tried it at home because I would have no clue where to get it in Singapore.

  4. I remember eating this as a child, a delicious treat with garlic friend rice and a little patis, so delicious…

  5. I cook this recipe every few months but sprinkle some truffle salt over it or a few drops of truffle oil. Love your site keep up the good work

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