Sampalok Candy

Sampaloc Candy

Tamarind is a widely used ingredient in South East Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.  It is used in almost anything from soups and sauces, the sweet, sour and fruity taste gives a unique flavour in dishes like Sinigang, Pad Thai, Assam Laksa and Massaman Curry to name some.   This ingredient can also be used in drinks and even sweets like this post, Sampalok candy.  It’s a simple concoction of Tamarind and Sugar rolled into balls.


1 cup tamarind pulp
400g sweet potato, boiled
2 cups sugar + some for coating
2 cups water
chilli flakes (optional, fro Thai version)


1. Mix all ingredients together in a sauce pan except the salt, place over medium heat and cook until mixture becomes thick and can hold its shape when formed into balls.
2. Cool down the mixture.
3. Add sugar and a bit of salt in a wide plate.
4. Form mixture into small balls and roll it into the sugar salt mixture.

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12 thoughts on “Sampalok Candy

  1. Oh I love simple little candies like this! I don’t have tamarind pulp, but I do have tamarind paste. Would it work? I have to ask because tamarind is new to me. Thanks!

  2. i grew up with tamarind candy a “must” bring as pasalubong when i go on vacation in the philippines. my relatives make sure that their sampaloc candy pabaon is sour. they add a bit of soy sauce, brown sugar and a bit of salt altogether in the mixture of very sour sampaloc pulp making sure that the sugar is well cooked (slow cook low fire) to achieve the “tira-tira” like texture.

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