Lindt Factory Shop (Zurich Switzerland)

A visit in Zurich would not be complete without a visit the Lindt Factory Shop, I can still remember the day I opened that entrance door. It was a chocolate heaven, if you love chocolates then you should visit this no questions asked.

So what do you expect when you go there?

Lindt 3

1. Well there is a big pick and mix section in the middle where you can choose from all of the Lindor flavours for CHF3.90 per 100 grams.

Lindt 2

2. You got to enjoy Lindt Creations that are only exclusive in that factory shop.

Lindt 5

3. Enormous chocolates!

Lindt 1

4. For bargain hunters there are also lots in store for you, like pre-packed chocolates in a bag, premium chocolates not on their boxes and bulk boxes.

5. They also give chocolates for free, but not guaranteed as we went there twice and on the second visit there were no freebies.

It’s near the city centre and time you spend inside won’t be that much (unless you eat what you buy in there) so if you plan to visit Zurich in the future put this in your list, it is worth the visit.

Lindt 4

Lindt & Sprüngli Factory Shop
Seestrasse 204, 8802 Kilchberg, Switzerland

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