Must Try Food in Austria

If you love sweet pastries then Austria must be in your to visit list no questions asked. This place is a sweet tooth’s haven and everywhere you go you will see this small cafes and bakeries selling these sweet stuff, it’s everywhere you can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can still remember we never ate any savoury Austrian dish when we were there everything was sweet and nice. So now you know what to expect in this list so let’s get started.

Austria 4

5. Schnapps – Since this list will be dominated with sweet pastries let’s start with something different and let’s start with schnapps. Yes Schnapps, those colourful liquor made out of different fruits like apricots, berries, herbs and flowers. If beer is to Germany then schnapps is to Austria, Germany might have 1300 beer breweries but Austria have 20,000 schnapps distilleries. That alone is a good reason to put this on this list.

Austria 5

4. Frucht Schnitte - Fruit Slices are done here very differently, soft cake and custard topped with loads of berries held by jelly

Austria 2

3. Topfenstrudel – if you just want what’s on the middle of that Frucht Schnitte then this one is for you, its strudel pastry with loads of sweet soft quark cheese in the middle served with vanilla ice cream.

Austria 1

2. Sacher Torte – Love chocolates then grab some of these. Its two layers of dense chocolate sponge cake with apricot jam in the middle coated with silky soft dark chocolate icing on all sides served with whipped cream on the side.

Austria 3

1. Apple Strudel – You should not leave Austria without trying one of these, apple strudel it is their most famous pastry. Strudel pastry filled with apples, sugar and cinnamon served with cream sauce.

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12 thoughts on “Must Try Food in Austria

  1. I do love pastries, and would love to visit Austria just so I could sample theirs! They’re famous, and with good reason. Terrific post – thanks.

  2. I need to spend a month at least in Europe to try everything! I love European pastries and your photos made me drool… I got what I need to try in Austria! Apple strudel sounds amazing…

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