Roast Chicken Pita Pocket

Roast Chicken Pita Pocket Wide

Back in the Philippines when we are lazy to cook our dinner we usually opted out for Lechon Manok (Filipino style charcoal roasted chicken) bought either in Andoks or Baliwag depending on the length of queue. I think this holds true with most of the Filipinos living in Manila during that time but with today’s endless choices these options had changed. Fast forward to today this still party holds true but instead of Lechon Manok we buy Roast Chicken at Countdown but now instead of pairing it with rice like the Lechon Manok days we usually pair it with some pita bread and some salad greens. It’s a simple meal but definitely way much better than what you can buy at the fast-food chains, as long as you have the right sauces you totally will get addicted to it.

So for our post today it will be Roast Chicken in Pita Pockets and for our choice of sauce it will be the sweet chilli sauce and mayonnaise, the sweet and creamy taste is a perfect match for our savoury roasted chicken.


1 whole roast chicken
6 pcs pita pockets
cos lettuce, chopped
parsley, chopped
red onion, finely chopped
sweet chilli sauce


1. Open the pita pockets, place a spoonful of the mayonnaise.
2. Place some shredded roasted chicken, lettuce, parsley and red onion.
3. Pour some sweet chilli sauce then have a bite and enjoy.

Roast Chicken Pita Pocket

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