Mochi is Japanese rice cake made of mochigome or what we know as glutinous rice. Traditionally this rice cake is widely exchanged during the New Year in Japan but due to its popularity it is now available whole year round. The conventional way of preparing this rice cake is by soaking the mochigome overnight and pounded to form a sticky paste, this paste is then moulded into different shapes from small round buns to something really complex, fillings are then stuffed like red bean paste and lotus root paste. Things had changed since the old days which makes this treat really easy to make nowadays, gone are the days of boiling adzuki beans for long time as red bean paste is readily available in Asian groceries also instead of pounding the mochigome, mochiko or sweet rice flour is readily available as well.

Several weeks ago I was surprised when my daughter told me we have Mochi for snacks, my wife made them and it was so good we finished it all in no time.


1 1/2 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup cornstarch
2 1/2 cup glutinous rice flour
red bean paste
toasted flour
4 different food colours


1. In a pot combine water and sugar bring it to a boil then turn heat off, set aside.
2. Divide liquid into 4 parts then add drops of food colour on each container.
3. Combine cornstarch and glutinous rice flour then place 3/4 cups of this mixture to each container with liquid while still hot.
4. Mix the each container until it forms a smooth dough. Form a small flat circle dough roughly the size of the diameter of a drinking glass, place a heaping tablespoon of the red bean paste then seal to form a sphere. Do it with the remaining dough.
5. Place in a lightly greased steamer then steam for 5 minutes.
6. Remove from steamer then roll in lightly toasted flour to avoid them from sticking together. Serve, you can enjoy them hot or cold.

Mochi Wide

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18 thoughts on “Mochi

  1. Such a technically tricky thing to make but so easily enjoyed in seconds! I love those pastel colours and the delicious use of fillings. One of my all time favourite ways to enjoy these is with a little frozen ball of ice cream placed inside…life changing!

  2. Please thank your wife for doing this Mochi recipe. I love Mochi from what I’ve bought from the Korean store. Now I can have it, I’ll do it with Filipino flavors and post it on my blog— to spread the love for Filipino flavors.

  3. I really like mochi (minus the colorants) but I have only made it once, I found it quite difficult. Yes it was delicious, with home made bean paste and a strawberry inside too, but I guess that to make a really good one you need years of experience, unfortunately I don’t think that my mochi will ever taste like the ones I eat in Japan
    lol! So I am happy to just look at the photos here!

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  5. I bought Mochi with red bean paste, wasn’t sure how to cook them now, or do I need to cook them?? I grew up in Japan and loved them as a child.


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